Kind to Colleagues innovation at Charters CourtThis month at Charters Court in West Sussex, which provides residential, nursing, and residential dementia care, the Home Manager has created a new project aimed to support HC-One Colleagues.

Mel Wightman, the Home Manager at Charters Court has pioneered a new project named “Kind to Colleagues Innovation”. This project intends to explore new ways we can support our Colleagues when they are passing through difficult times. 

In December 2021 the first Colleague was selected to see if they could help in anyway, they were not well and required some assistance. Mel asked other staff members at Charters Court for any donations of groceries and toiletries which were all put into a nice hamper with the donations that were received. Mary Johnston, a HC-One Colleague had said she would be happy to drop the hamper off to their house. The family were said to be very grateful for the gesture. 

Mel also appeared on BBC Radio recently to promote the vegetarian menu at Charters Court and the variety in options Residents can expect at the care home. She emphasised how Charters Court are committed to serving the right meals to the Residents which respect their religious beliefs and diversity of lifestyle. Mel was very pleased to present the different menus to the Residents. 

Mel went on to say, “We will continue to support our staff who are passing through difficult times in any way we can. I was delighted with the opportunity to discuss our menus on the BBC Radio show, I hope the Residents enjoy them!”