Kirkwood Court Residents get introduced to their new feathered friend!
The Residents of Kirkwood Court in Newcastle upon Tyne which offers residential and residential memory care, for those living with dementia, were introduced to their new friend…the feathery kind!

The home were given a budgie from Julie who is one of the housekeepers at the home for all the Residents in Kirkwood Court, and decided to name him ‘Kirky’.

Kirky is a very friendly and calm bird who loves to tweet and make lots of noise but he loves being carried around and meeting all of his friends. He is very smart; and stays on the Residents’ hand when they take him out of his cage.

The Residents love hearing him tweet and watching him fly around.

Pam and Elaine, two of the Residents said, "He is a beautiful bird, very colourful! I love watching him climb up his cage" and "Kirky is very friendly, and I like it when he comes out of his cage and sits on my hand”.

Angela Douglass, Care Home Manager, commented, "It is lovely to see the Residents and staff all interact with the bird, he has brought so much joy to the home".