Lauren Court Resident knitting enthusiastAt HC-One’s Lauren Court residential care home, in Blacon, one Resident has been talking about her love of knitting and sewing. 

Barbara Wright, 82, pictured, can often be found knitting away in her room to her heart’s content! 

Having learnt to knit as a small child, she often watched her mother and the rest of the family sitting together knitting and therefore, started off by knitting socks and quickly progressed to jumpers as she got older. 

At school, Barbara also learnt sewing and embroidery, she reminisced, “The girls would sew whilst the boys would garden”. She would often make gifts for her friends and family including decorative cross-stitches. 

When asked about the proudest thing that she has ever made, Barbara paused to think and commented how she had embroidered a large tablecloth with intricate leaves and flowers. “It took a long time but I was pleased with it”, Barbara smiled. 

Nowadays, Barbara continues to knit whatever she fancies, “It helps to keep the mind going!” she commented.  

Rebecca Jackson, Wellbeing Coordinator, said, “It is always lovely getting to know our Residents. Barbara’s story and love of knitting is inspiring and tells of a craft that was so important to so many”