Leeds care home welcome first indoor visitors of the yearColleagues at HC-One’s Colton Lodges care home in Leeds have worked hard to ensure visits for Relatives went ahead after the recent ease of restrictions.

On 8th March, after months of hard work, Colton Lodges opened their doors to visitors. Relatives are now able to hold hands with their loved ones and can sit with them without glass or Perspex in the way.

There were a large number of visits and a lot of emotional reunions, as some Residents hadn’t seen their loved ones in quite a long time, due to the restrictions that were in place. 

“It is so lovely to be able to be in the same room as my Mum after all this time,” said on Relative.

Some families allowed Colleagues to capture the moments on camera and will save the videos for the future for Residents and their loved ones to look back on.