Leicestershire Residents write their own inspirational poemResidents have been working on a heart-warming collaborative poem at HC-One’s Harley Grange care home in Leicester.

The beautiful poem, titled ‘Just Because’ was inspired by the Residents’ love for their families who they miss, as well as their physical disabilities.

The poem will be printed in a card and sent out the Residents’ families, coupled with a lovely smiling photo of them.

Jill, a Resident at the home, commented: “I wanted to send out a reassuring message to my family.”

Creativity was flowing through Harley Grange as everyone contributed their ideas for the poem and helped out with puling all the pieces together.

Harley Grange Home Manager, Anne Upton, said: “The poem brought a lump to my throat.”

The poem describes how much the Residents’ love their family and that a physical disability can never dampen that flame.

Residents wrote: “Just because my eyes aren’t so good, it doesn’t stop me seeing how beautiful you are.

Just because I’m hard of hearing, it doesn’t stop me listening to your gentle voice.

Just because I can’t remember my words, it doesn’t stop me saying ‘I love you.

Just because I can’t move around so easily, it doesn’t stop me holding you in my heart.”