Letters of support from local primary school for Northwich homeA wonderful surprise of gifts and letters arrived at Daneside Court Care Home today, Northwich. 

The children from Witton Church Walk Primary school, local to the care home, have been super busy writing letters and colouring pictures for Residents. 

Christmas is going to be slightly different this year for both the school and the care home, as they will be missing the choir singing and watching the annual nativity play. So, the school hatched a plan to communicate with a more traditional method; putting pen to paper.

The children wrote to the Residents telling them about their favourite subjects at school and of their favourite colours and pets that they care for at home. They asked if the Residents are ok and encouraged them to stay strong through this pandemic.  

Receiving the letters has indeed touched the hearts of Residents and they in turn have wrote back to the school children thanking them for their kind words.

Residents were all overwhelmed by the kind thoughts of the children taking the time and effort to write to them, they felt deeply touched by it all. Joseph, Resident, said it touched deep inside his heart.

Other Residents thought what a wonderful idea it was and could not thank the children enough for their generosity.   

Home Manager, Samantha Farahat, remarked, “It is so important in these times to keep our links with the local community.  The home has a long relationship with the school, and we are truly grateful that we have been able to continue this, despite the pandemic”