Lifelong learning for Swallownest TeamAt HC-One’s Swallownest residential and nursing care home, in Sheffield, hard work has really paid off for one Colleague who has worked her socks off and proves you can never be too old to learn. 

Gill white, Senior Carer at Swallownest, has worked in health and social care for 20 years, supporting people to live full and active lives. Gill had not completed her Level 3 qualification, as she had always remarked that she was 'too old' and didn't have the confidence she would be able to complete the work required of her. This included the requirement of her to evidence a GCSE standard of Maths (a subject she hated at school)

After some support and encouragement from her Colleagues, Gill reluctantly agreed to take up the challenge and signed up. It is with great pride that the home is now sharing a photo of her with her Level 3 Award which was completed last month (despite the extra work and worry the pandemic brought”.

Gill says she feels proud of her ability to complete her award. she found this challenging at times but was well supported to keep going.

Resident Dorothy, who lives at Swallownest said, “Gill is brilliant, she listens to me and helps me to feel safe and comfortable. She makes sure I am happy and she always smiles.”

Amanda Fields, Care Home Manager, commented, “As the Home Manager, I want to cultivate the ethos of continuous improvement, learning and growth. I believe we can always learn and improve and by being open to opportunities to do so, we ensure we deliver the best care and support.”

“I always believed in Gill and I wanted to support her to prove her doubts wrong. Well done Gill! you smashed it!”