Liverpool care home gets a makeoverRecently at HC-One’s Roby House care home, in Huyton, which offers residential and nursing care, the most popular areas in the home, the lounges and garden have been going through the process of a brand-new makeover. 

Home Manager, Sarah Gashi, led the lounge design process with Residents’ thoughts and wishes in mind. The goal was to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere for Residents, Colleagues, Relatives and visitors to enjoy.  

Charles Buttle, Wellbeing Coordinator, described the new d├ęcor, “The home’s residential lounge features a white and blue colour scheme for the decor and walls. After lots of research, it was discovered that the colour blue is a restful feature and promotes a calm environment.”

“The home’s nursing lounge features a white and orange colour scheme in the walls, with cream furniture to compliment, representing HC-One’s brand colours”

Both lounges have been divided into three sections including a cosy corner for everyone to relax and enjoy peace and quiet amongst others. There is also a television area, featuring a large sofa; an area for everyone to enjoy the TV and catch up on their favourite programmes as well as enjoying a cinema experience. Finally, there is a social area for everyone to relax and chat amongst friends, perfect for any friendship group or clubs. 

As well as both lounges, the garden has also been going through a transformation, bringing the area to life which includes some beautiful potted plants, including Marigolds.

Staff and Residents all got stuck in with the process, from choosing what flowers they would like to see, as well as the experience of putting them in the garden themselves, see pictured Senior Care Assistant Carol-Ann Cole (bottom centre).

Charles added, “We plan to keep on top of this by planting appropriate plants for the season, ensuring we have our garden full of colour all year round. We also plan to expand by introducing a Roby House Gardening Club, giving our staff and Residents the opportunity to receive hands on experience as well as meeting others with a common interest to promote socialisation and making friendships.”
Everyone at the home is thrilled by what they have been able to achieve. 

Lyn Schofield, Care Assistant, remarked, “Both our lounge and garden have improved significantly, providing the home a modern interpretation with bold and beautiful colours. Everyone has enjoyed this new addition to the home, as I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and noticed increased social activity.”

Una Bithell, who lives at Roby House, said, “I love our new lounge, it has been lovely spending time in there with everyone and I have noticed more and more faces enjoying the space as much as I do. I love the garden as well; it is great seeing our new plants every time I look out my window.”

Sarah added, “I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve over this month, watching our vision of the home come to life and everyone enjoying it as much as we do, it has been such a rewarding experience.”

See pictured top left Resident Joseph “Les” Evans, Dorothy Griffiths and Emma Griffin top centre.