Local school sends Christmas cards to Middlesex ResidentsLaundry Assistant Louise Gardener, from the Harefield care home, has a sister who works in the local Harefield Infants School.  The students wanted to uplift Residents' spirits for a Christmas season.  They did this by sending handwritten Christmas Cards to all the Residents.  

This wonderful idea spread festive joy among everybody at the Harefield.  Wellbeing Coordinator, James Linton, thought this was a, “Marvellous initiative which helped to reinforce the Harefield's links with the local community.”

Residents Philip Reed, Christine Evans and Barbara Hawkins (pictured) all enjoyed reading the cards. Christine thought this was a terribly sweet idea and was very thankful to the children. Philip was very touched that the local schoolchildren thought about him and his friends during this time of need. Barbara commented that, “All of the cards looked excellent.”

Home Manager, Mary Nadeem, remarked, “This was a great example of the community coming together to support the most vulnerable.”