London care home Residents mark a Christmas like no otherThe Grinch has been working very hard this year, but at Mornington Hall care home, in Greater London, Colleagues and Residents work harder and nothing was going to dampen their Christmas spirits.

From a Christmas dance-off to individually selected gifts from Carers to Residents, they ensured the festive feeling was present and at centre stage. Families displayed their love via video calls, as Residents opened gifts, with many families thanking carers for the continuous support and hard work. 

With mulled wine aromas flowing throughout and soft Christmas jingles in the background, Residents tucked into their Christmas lunch before battling each other using the football table. Also indulging in ‘pigs in blankets’ and the grand finale of the Christmas Residents and Carers train singing, dancing and making their way around the unit wishing everyone a very merry Christmas day!

Residents loved the effort and dedication from Colleagues, ensuring the day was festive, full of love, laughter, joy and excitement. 

Joan, who lives at Mornington Hall, reacted to her personal gift from one of the carers, “You know me so well.”                    

Another Resident, Sarah, added, “I've really enjoyed myself today - thanks girls!”

One Relative commented, “Thanking you all is just the tip of iceberg of all the wonderful things everyone is doing at Mornington Hall - we are eternally grateful.”

Home Manager, Pervine King, said, “Knowing our Residents is more than mandatory - we take it personally and throughout the pandemic relationships have flourished to new heights. We know them - they now us. Half and Half makes a whole.”