Lot’s of fun at Catmoor House care homeAt HC-One’s Catmoor House, nursing and nursing dementia care home, situated in Perth, have had lots of fun over the past week.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Residents suggested they had a theme tea party. Catmoor House was decorated with lots of fun and themed decorations. The dining room was set up for the party and it was all Valentine’s themed.

The theme of the tea party was red and white, the treat trolly was decorated to match the theme. The Residents had lots of nice food and snacks which included cupcakes, sausage rolls, and a tipple for some of the Residents. The Residents very keen on the cakes, and remarked, “Thank you for the chocolate cake, they are our favourites.”

Whilst enjoying their food, the Residents listened to some music and chatted to each other. One Resident, commented, “That was so fun! Lovely music as well.”

As well as the Valentine’s Day celebrations, The Elderflowers paid a visit to the care home. 

The Elderflowers are carefully selected professional arts practitioners who are trained to work in healthcare environments with vulnerable people living with dementia.

Toot’s and Petal entertained the Residents with lots of songs, jokes and fun activities. Some of the Residents even put on their dancing shoes to perform alongside Toot’s and Petal.

Enid, a Resident, commented, “They are both so nice!”.

It was a great afternoon when the Elderflower entertained at the care home, it made everyone laugh and smile. Betty McGilvray, added, “I love your skirt Toot’s!” The Residents enjoyed the conversation, laughter, companionship and music.”

Clare McDonald, Care Home Manager, remarked, “We have had such a great time over the past week. The Residents love entertainment at the home. Valentine’s Day was great too, we played ‘people’s choice’ music and had lots of fun!”