Macmillan cake sale at Rose CourtRose Court residential, residential memory care, nursing and nursing memory care home, in Manchester, held a cake sale today in support of the Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning. 

As Residents actively engaged in this activity, Colleagues also provided a baking activity the day before and some Residents chose to sample the homemade cakes they had produced. 

They made chocolate sponge cakes, brownies and had a variety of cakes donated by staff too. 

In the afternoon, staff had a stall set up for a cake sale in the foyer for everyone to buy a cake, should they wish. 

Visiting professionals also got the opportunity to have a mid-afternoon cake whilst there.  

There was lots of reminiscing afterwards about different cakes and the Residents enjoyed a slice with a cup of tea. All Residents, who engaged in the activity, enjoyed it!

Karen Davies, Care Home Manager, commented, “It was an enjoyable and successful day. Residents reminisced after the cake sale about their favourite slice which brought back childhood memories of baking with their grandparents.”