Making beautiful baubles at Hyde care homeResidents at HC One’s The Sycamores care home, have been creating Christmas baubles.  

Everyone at the Hyde care home have been ready to get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier this year.

The home decided to send out Christmas gifts to families and loved ones, to make sure that Residents keep in touch with their loved ones at this special time of the year. 

The Residents really enjoyed getting festive, dressing up by using props such as flashing Santa hats, mini Christmas Trees and tinsel.

The Residents, who chose to, came to ‘Santa’s Grotto’ where they had a picture with the homes very own homemade Santa!

The Residents really enjoyed seeing our display in reception and spirts was lifted.

Using the pictures the staff had taken whilst having fun, the Residents then decorated Christmas tree baubles with stickers, glitter and snowflakes before putting an individual picture inside.

These baubles will be sent out to family members and loved ones as a Christmas gift from the Residents.

The Residents thought this was a great idea and some have chosen to have more than one bauble so it can be sent to more people they love. 
One Resident commented “Aww this is a lovely thing to do my family will really appreciate a gift from me, can we send a few out?!”

The home manager said “It’s lovely to see the Residents being involved with their families during the festive season.” 

Throughout the day the home continued the festive mood by listening to Christmas songs and Hymns, finishing the afternoon off with a Christmas movie.

The Residents are now feeling festive and are ready for Christmas to begin!