Manchester care home receive Cards of Care from school childrenPupils from a school in Middlesex sent Residents at HC-One’s Avalon Park in Manchester some lovely written cards, which really cheered them up.

Some pupils from Cardinal Wiseman School in Middlesex wrote Christmas cards to reach out to every single Resident at Avalon Park in Oldham. This initiative is part of the cards of care scheme, which looks to encourage relationships between Residents and the community.

Cards had quotes like ‘You are a hero’ and ‘If it wasn’t for people like you we wouldn’t be here so have a Merry Christmas.”

The cards lifted the spirits of the Residents and they loved each and every card.

Avalon Park wellbeing coordinator, John Fullen said: “This time of year allows us to reach out to the community, when we do great things the great things are returned in kind.