Manchester care home Residents create 2021 calendar in Art ClubResidents at HC-One’s Brookdale View care home in Manchester helped create some personalised calendars for 2021, painting some wonderful pictures for the front page.

Chris, Brookdale wellbeing coordinator, has produced a 2021 calendar, with pictures taking from Residents paintings. In particular, Resident Nancy Kwok, has always enjoyed her art and is a regular attendee at the club.

Armed with a few brushes and a respective pallet, she went to work on some truly imaginative beautiful paintings. They may be inspired by the Old Masters, artists such as Monet, Cezanne and Chagall, but Nancy makes them all her own. 

"Each picture, is re-imagined in Nancy's trademark classic way, It is truly a Joy to watch,” said Barbara Nuttall, Brookdale Resident and Art Club attendee.

Completely focused, quiet and expressive, Nancy paints with confidence, passion and a strong colourful oeuvre. It is a joy for Colleagues to watch and is truly inspiring.

Nancy has told staff at the home how much she looks forward to the Art club every week. Her Husband, Peter, was very pleased with the calendar and appreciative of the Art club, so much so he has ordered 3 copies, so he can send one to his son back in Thailand.

Chris Burke, Brookdale wellbeing coordinator said: “I am very pleased with the Calendar, it took a lot of preparatory work to get it right, but it has turned out well in the end.”