Manchester care home Residents delight at furry friendResidents at Salford’s residential, nursing and residential memory care home, Pendleton Court, have been super excited by four-legged friend ‘Basil’ who has recently come to visit. 

Basil is one of the Resident’s daughter’s dog, Jan. She brings the dog in to see her mother Margaret and other fellow Residents. Basil is a two-year-old Miniature Schnauzer and very well behave (until he decides to run around the car so Jan has to chase him to come back! His coat is woolly and doesn’t shed like other breeds, he is highly intelligent and very affectionate and loyal. 

See pictured Basil with Josie B, Jeffrey, Peter, Irene and Josie O, who are all Residents at Pendleton Court. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Lesley, takes Basil to Residents around the home and their faces light up when they see him. One Resident, Josie B, talked about how she loves dogs because one had saved her from drowning when she was a child. 

Another Resident used to have brown Labradors and said he is a real animal lover and really enjoyed giving Basil a good pat and stroke. 

Jeff commented, “Basil is a lovely dog, what a handsome chap!”

Lesley added, “Basil has brought so much joy to Residents and the benefits to their wellbeing is amazing. Basil’s mum, Jan, is very kind to let me take Basil around to see the Residents.”