Market Lavington Residents enjoy an afternoon tea in the gardenThe Residents at Market Lavington residential, nursing and residential dementia care home, in Wiltshire, enjoyed sitting out in the home’s new garden area on 17th May with a charming afternoon tea while having a good chat together. 

Michaela Swiffen, Wellbeing Coordinator, arranged for a small selection of tea and cakes to be prepared for the group and the sun was shining! Although there was quite a breeze, it stayed warm and dry for the afternoon, much to everyone’s delight. 

Violet Lloyd, who is a Resident, said, “That sun is really quite hot when there’s no wind, its lovely!”

Residents spoke about the gardens and reminisced about what their gardens were like when they were at home, as well as some discussion about who was responsible for maintaining it! 

It was interesting to find out that most of the Residents said they grew their own vegetables and were fairly self-sustaining. This led to the discussion about Residents and their days in the army, where they were posted and what life was like back then. They said a lot has changed since; and they can’t keep up!!

Everyone enjoyed being outside, and admiring the home’s newly refurbished garden, they particularly liked the new comfy chairs.

Douglas Murray, who lives at Market Lavington, remarked “These new chairs are so comfy; I could sit here all afternoon.”

Fellow Resident Jill Jefferies added, “This was very unexpected, to be able to sit outside in the sun… it’s bliss.” 

Michaela commented, “It was a lovely afternoon and was so nice to see the Residents outside, a few members of staff walked by and said hello with a smile on their face.”

“I am hoping to do more outside activities now the weather is warming up and inviting different residents each time.”

See pictured Violet Lloyd, Jill Jefferies, Douglas Murray, Dennis Scurrell, Frank Anderson.