Market Lavington Residents get involved with spring themed arts and craftsOn the afternoon of Wednesday 20th April, a spring themed activity session was organised for Residents at Market Lavington care home, in Devizes, in preparation for the home’s exciting ‘Stop The Clock’ event, the next week.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Riaz Ali, created some simple pictures for Residents to colour along with more complicated projects for those Residents who enjoy them. The group had such a lovely afternoon together and showing their creative flair with some beautiful pictures of flowers. 

Riaz commented, “What makes these moments memorable are the gems of conversations that ensue!”

Rona Bushell, a lady who started out life living in the highlands of Scotland, began talking about the drinks she would make as an adult. Apparently, potatoes can be used to make a particular type of wine which, according to Rona, is more akin to a whisky.

This conversation starter, initiated a great conversation. Resident Gordon Grist began to talk about wine made from wheat and Violet Lloyd, who also lives at Market Lavington, chipped in with “Well, we used to make a kind of liquor from rhubarb years ago!”

Fellow Resident Dennis Scurrel added “We made blackberries and strawberries into wine when I was a child. Well, not me, my parents did!”

This conversation went on at length, and Riaz found it wonderful that what was supposed to be an arts and crafts activity turned into Residents all sharing their lovely memories of how they would distil various fruits and vegetables to make alcohol during the war!

Riaz ended with, “It was a lovely afternoon of reminiscence and the sharing of life stories which I found touching, heart-warming and beautiful.”

“Simply being with each other. I find, regardless of the activity, I organise, it is the social aspect that Residents really enjoy. Chatting with each other, engaging in such warm and meaningful ways. Absolutely wonderful!”