Market Lavington Residents offer words of wisdom about health and fitnessHC-One runs a regular monthly competition called ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ and the theme for March’s competition is ‘Health & Fitness’. On 17th February at Market Lavington care home, in Devizes, which offers residential, nursing and residential dementia care, Wellbeing Coordinator Riaz Ali spoke to a few Residents about this and here is what they said!

Joy Baker commented, “Well, my mother always told me not to eat too many sweets as they are bad for you. The funny thing is, during the war my grandmother would give me her sweet ration coupons as she couldn’t have them as she was diabetic, so I had double the amount of sweets each week! But really, you shouldn’t eat too many of them!”

Phyllis Shellard added, “Well I have always been an outdoors person, living and working on a farm. I loved it. I think being outside, in the fresh air, day after day, just makes you healthy.”

Frank Anderson, who was in a jazz quartet for many years of his life, remarked. “I always used to go for a little jog when I was younger. You mustn’t go too fast though! Else you just tire out quickly. You have to pace yourself. It helped my lungs too with all the blowing I used to do on the clarinet!”

See pictured Joy Baker, Frank Anderson and Phyllis Shellard.

Riaz added. “These ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ competitions create lovely opportunities to chat and engage with Residents and then, with the Residents permission, we often put up the posters of the words of wisdom around the home to inspire others and make them smile!”