Market Lavington Residents take advantage of Good Friday in the sunshine with some reminiscingIn North Wiltshire, where HC-One’s Market Lavington care home is located, it has been a rough time this year so far in terms of the weather. But Good Friday, marked the first time this year that it was sunny enough and warm enough for Residents to truly enjoy a gathering in one of the beautifully landscaped gardens.

It was decided that the home’s usual activity programme, should be taken outside on this special day, to enjoy the weather. Each week, one of the Residents gives a little chat about a hobby they used to enjoy in their younger days and talks about this to fellow Residents and Colleagues. On 7th April. This was the turn of Julia Bradley. 

Julia talked about how she used to own a couple of Shetland Ponies and would take part in competitive events, mainly in the South West region of England. She explained to everyone, “We used to be in carts, with two ponies pulling us, and we used to have to navigate through various obstacles in a large field. It was great fun! Lots of people would be watching us around the perimeter and cheering us on. I won a couple of rosettes and think I came first place once or twice, but I can’t quite remember as the 1980s seems a long time ago!”

As fellow Residents Dennis Scurrell, Angela Wakely and Gordon Grist enjoyed listening to Julia, Kitchen Assistant Maya Chalke (pictured) arrived with refreshments for everyone, some lovely cold squashes and fruit juices.

Dennis, who lives at the 80-bed residential, nursing and dementia care home, joked, “I think we should all get a Shetland pony and race against each other!”

Gordon Grist added “We finally had a break in the weather. I’ve been watching the rain from my window every day. This makes a change!”

Angela said, “It’s so nice to be out. Even when the sun has been out previously, there’s still been a chill in the air, but for it to be sunny and warm makes a change!” 

Riaz Ali, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “It was a delightful afternoon and I hope the weather affords us another chance at this soon.