Mayday celebrations at Catherine HouseToday at Frome based residential, residential dementia, nursing dementia and nursing care home, Catherine House, it was all about getting everyone to relax a little and enjoy some maypole dancing around the beautifully created maypole, made by the amazing Residents and the home’s wellbeing coordinator. 

There were 18 residents and Colleagues that decided to get involved on the day. 

There was a barbecue in the rain (the lovely Sharon persevering in the weather!) with homemade burgers for that special taste with various salads too that everyone could enjoy indoors. They also had chocolate roulade for pudding followed by mocktails and maypole cake (see pictured).

It was a great day with smiles and laughter from Residents and Colleagues.

What a fantastic day.

“Thank you, Sharon, for putting this day together and standing in the rain to make sure we all had a fantastic lunch.” One Resident said.

Fellow Resident Olive added, “It was beautiful. Everything was gorgeous.”

Zoe Thompson, Home Administrator, remarked, “It was lovely to see the Residents having a real good time altogether.”