Meet the new Resident baking team at Brompton House care homeWith the help of two volunteers and Colleagues, a baking team has been set up at HC-One’s Brompton House care home, in Broadway, Worcestershire, and not only has it pleased Residents who are keen bakers, many of the other Residents enjoy sampling the finished goods!

Maintaining hobbies and interests of new Residents when they come through the door to Brompton House, is something all Colleagues strive to achieve. This has resulted in an extensive activities and wellbeing programme at the 37-bed residential and nursing care home which involves arts and crafts sessions, celebrating seasonal events and the new baking team. 

Brompton House has an amazing baking team of Residents and volunteers, that gather together every Wednesday to bake delicious cakes and cookies. Sally and Linda, who volunteer at Brompton House, kindly give up their time to lead on sessions and help to prepare all the recipes and ingredients. And there’s something for everyone too as those Residents, who are not so keen on baking, always love to sample finished product!

Residents, including Betty, Pat, Rosemary, Edith and Vera, then follow the method and instructions to combine ingredients before baking it in the oven. 

Residents love the weekly sessions and they can't wait to see what recipe they are going to do next. All ladies are very skilled as they had a lot of experience baking for their families in the past, and it always brings a lot of memories and reminiscing. Residents like to discuss what was a favourite in their household and how they made it. 

One of the Residents said, “It is such a lovely smell and tasty cakes are made. It’s why we love Wednesdays.”

Jinu Thomas, Care Home Manager, remarked, “It's lovely to see Residents being so involved in something they love to do!” 

See pictured from left to right Betty, Pat, Sally (Volunteer), Rosemary, Janet, Edith and Vera