Meeting Wythenshawe care home ResidentsColleagues at Ringway Mews nursing, residential memory and nursing memory care home, in Sharston, have been taking time to go around Residents’ rooms and know a bit more about their fascinating lives. This week it was two wonderful ladies who talked about their endeavours, family and where they lived. 

Catherine Flemming, talked about falling in love with her husband, George. They were at the club and she was having a drink with her best friend, Maude. She was 21 when they married. Catherine added how she thoroughly enjoyed falling in love with George and that it was a wonderful time. 

Fellow Resident Alice Crane, who is known as Peggy, as born in Poona, India on 20th February 1929. Her father was Captain Alec Walton of the British Army. When Peggy was a small child, she remembers that her family had house servants who would clean the home and prepare meals (she said how her mother had a lot of time on her hands!)

When they returned to England, the family lived in Dorset where Peggy met her husband. 

Heather Pickup, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Residents love the opportunity to look back on their life and how it has changed over the years. The changes were amazing, for Alice from India and then back to England, she speaks about her life in great satisfaction.”