Memorial afternoon at Altham Court care homeAltham Court residential and nursing care home, in Lincoln, recently received some generous donations which have gone towards purchasing a beautiful water feature for the home’s garden in memory of past Residents. This was officially unveiled on Friday 1st July. 

The home was kindly gifted donations from funerals that had taken place throughout lockdown, and one family member of a previous Resident, Queenie, wanted the home to buy a water feature for the courtyard.

Queenie was a very well-respected lady, who was a Resident for some time at Altham Court, she loved to listen to the sound of water. So in memory of Queenie and other Residents, Colleagues purchased a water feature in their memory. The water feature was handmade, and the home finally unveiled it at a Memorial Afternoon on 1st July. 

Residents, families, Colleagues and friends joined in for the afternoon service.  Queenie’s daughter Carole Bowman cut the red ribbon to officially open the courtyard. Carole remarked “When you said you had the water feature made, I never expected it to be on that scale, you have all blown me away, it is amazing”.

The service was attended by many Colleagues including, Anna Livsey, Home Manager, Paula Sellars, Deputy Home Manager, Margaret Barton, Area Director, Dawn Bridge, Nursing Assistant, Sarah Houtby, Home Administrator, Julie Meredith, Wellbeing Coordinator, and Kev Kennedy, Maintenance. 

There was not a dry eye in the home, and Colleagues said they are very humbled by everyone who attended.

Residents enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine, and the beautiful service followed by afternoon tea. One of the Residents commented, “What a touching service that really was.”

Anna commented, “All staff members played their part in the afternoon celebrations, and I was very humbled by the whole afternoon.”