Millbrook Residents begin to plan for the summerThis May at Millbrook residential care home, in Stalybridge, Residents have been outside enjoying the dry, sunny weather and working hard planting seeds. 

Residents at the home have planted flowers and tomato seeds and discussed as a group what they needed to do to help the plants grow. 

All involved, including Jean, May, Cathy, Joan, Shirley, Beryl, Molly, Tina, Sheila, Jackie, Bessy, Margaret, Mary and Barbara, are committed to watering the seeds them every day, and they’re really looking forward to seeing their hard work sprout!

This week the home also welcomed back Anthony, singer from last year. The Residents enjoyed having him again and joined in with his performance. He’s coming close to becoming their favourite regular!

Anthony played the piano beautifully and he can really sing, Residents liked connecting through the music. One of the Residents commented, “Music is one of life’s greatest pleasure and we enjoy singing.”

Claire Jones, Home Manager, remarked, “Last year our Residents won the best garden competition. We intend on winning it again this year!”