Milton Keynes care home spice up the menu for ResidentsAfter completing surveys to give feedback on the home’s food menu, Colleagues realised a couple of Residents at HC-One’s Highclere care home in Milton Keynes, which offers, residential, nursing and residential dementia care, wanted their food to have a bit more spice.

On the recent food survey, a married couple, Malcolm and Yvonne Rosario, who reside at Highclere asked if there could be more spicy food. Due to this being a personal choice and not a wide choice shared by others, Highclere Head Chef Lynn had a chat with Malcolm and Yvonne Rosario and asked what they would like.

After a short conversation, Residents decided they would like a Goan Fish curry. Goan fish curry originated in Goa, India and is a very popular curry amongst Indian people. 

Chef Lynn brought the ingredients in from home to make the curry especially for them. Malcolm and Yvonne absolutely loved the curry and gave Lynn a ’10 out of 10’ and they are looking forward to the next one that is made for them.

Yvonne was overwhelmed to how much trouble Lynn went to for making them the curry, which brought back many happy memories for them.