Milton Keynes Residents are staying connectedDue to many care homes across the UK, the restrictions in visiting is meaning more Residents and their loved ones are having to take up more unusual ways of keeping in touch, and this was no exception for Highclere care home, in Milton Keynes. 

Residents have regularly been in contact with their loved ones, via video calling on Zoom or WhatsApp, as well as emailing, letters and telephone calls, see pictured.

Peter, who lives at Highclere, chose to call his wife Daphne. Fellow Resident, Joyce decided to call her daughter Beryl, who was extremely happy to receive this unexpected call from her mum. 

“Seeing smiles on the Residents’ faces when you give them a letter, or read a letter to them, or give them the phone to talk, is just priceless,” commented one of the care Colleagues.

Residents particularly enjoy choosing who they would like to contact and how they would like to do so.  

Gigi Jacob, Home Manager, commented, “Residents have one to one sessions on a daily basis. It is always great to keep the family and their loved ones as connected as can be at this current time.”