Mocktails, sweet treats and games day at Worsley LodgeAt Worsley Lodge residential care home, in Manchester, Residents have been taking part in all sorts of wonderful activities this week, which includes a very fun games day followed by an afternoon of mocktails and cakes.

On Friday, Residents and Colleagues sat in the garden making the most of the sun, while playing dominoes and tic-tac-toe. Beryl, who lives at the home, had never played these games but said she had really enjoyed the afternoon!

Later everyone sat together chatting; having some cold drinks and ice-lollies. 

Harry, who is also a Resident at Worsley, won a few games. He has been playing dominoes for years and is quite good at it too! He said it always brings back good memories of family and friends.

Today some Residents at the home enjoyed a mocktails and cakes afternoon, which consisted of a lovely, fresh selection of cakes and fruity mocktail drinks. 

The district nurse came in to visit one of the Residents on this day, and Colleagues asked her if she would also like a cake and refreshing mocktail; she said that would be lovely so sat in the garden, taking five minutes out of her day, and enjoyed having a few minutes relaxation. As she was leaving, she thanked Colleagues to say it was very nice and much appreciated!

Everyone enjoyed the selection given out and really liked the mocktail drinks describing them as ‘refreshing’.

The home’s Wellbeing Coordinator commented, “What a lovely couple of days planned, all enjoyed themselves!”