More August news from Stalybridge care homeResidents of the HC-One’s the Millbrook residential care home, on Tameside, enjoyed a much-deserved day out today as well as receiving a very lovely gift from the local school. 

Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, Residents were as eager as anyone to get out and see the sights in the local area, so Colleagues arranged a trip to the local park to look at the beautiful plants and flowers and go to the bird sanctuary before settling down for refreshments at the coffee shop.

The Residents, including Vera and Betty (pictured) certainly appreciated a change in scenery, and absolutely loved the sticky buns available!

Wellbeing Coordinators Gavin and Alina said Stamford Park was a lovely place to spend a few quiet and peaceful hours on a sunny day and that the Residents enjoyed getting back out into the community and enjoying the weather. 

One Resident said, “The ice-cream was lovely, I enjoyed visiting the animals.”

Claire Jones, Care Home Manager, commented, “Its lovely seeing the Residents enjoy the outdoors and spending time away from the home.”

Also, today, the home received a gift from Copley Academy school. 

Representative, Matt Fejos, presented a gift from the children of the school this week, containing handwritten messages to Residents. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

They expressed thanks to the Residents for their contributions over the years, to the retired soldiers, workers, and academics.

The Residents appreciated the gesture, and it helped to remind them of the role they’ve played in making the community what it is today.

Claire added, “It is such a thoughtful gesture from the children at the Copley Academy. Residents enjoyed reading the messages of support sent by the children.” 

“Residents will be giving our younger generation some words of wisdom. We will keep you updated.”