Moss View Senior Care Assistant celebrates being fabulous at 66Cath Spencer, who is a dedicated Colleague on the Harmony unit at Moss View care home, celebrated her 66th birthday today. Cath received cards and gifts from other fellow Colleagues throughout the day.

Cath has been in the caring profession for 25 years and has previously been a Unit Manager in a residential home for 10 years.

Cath joined Moss View 5 years ago and has become a valued member of the Harmony care unit.

Cath loves her work and feels like they are all one big family.

When Cath was asked why she still likes working full time at the age of 66, she said, “I would miss it too much if I retired. I love my work, and would miss the Residents and staff.”

Eva Britnell, who is a Residents said, “Cath was a real Joy, a lovely lady.”

Wellbeing coordinator Lesley Nolan commented, “Cath is an asset on our Harmony care unit. When the music in on you will always see Cath dancing with the Residents. Cath’s fabulous sense of humour lifts everyone’s spirits.”

“Cath is our Barbara Windsor of Moss View.”