Mossley Resident marks 90th birthday with new friends at care homeFor many new Residents at HC-One’s Sandon House care home, in Mossley, Tameside, they make plenty of new friends quickly, through shared interests and hobbies, as well as a friendly and welcoming experience the moment they step through the door. Eva Holden is no exception to this and recently celebrated her 90th milestone birthday with all her friends, including fellow Resident Madge Wilson. 

Eva was born on 17th July 1933 in her family home, in Greenfield. She attended Greenfield Primary School, then went on to Uppermill Secondary School before working as a typist in an office. Having not particularly enjoyed the job, Eva left to work as a supervisor to over 40 people in the Greenfield Mill. As well as this, she was also a Guide Leader for 38 years in her local village and she said enjoyed every minute of it! 

Madge and Eva became good friends whilst living at Sandon House care home. They both moved into the home three years ago and have enjoyed each other’s company ever since, they are often seen together chatting over a cup or tea or taking part in the home’s activities programme. 

The pair both love crafts which they take part in together. Eva enjoys making birthday cards to sell to visitors at Sandon House which raises money for the Residents Fund. 

For her 90th birthday, everyone at the home celebrated with a party together. It was a fantastic atmosphere with balloons, banners, cupcakes, music and dancing. Eva had many visitors throughout, including her niece who brought some flowers, cards, and chocolates (much to Eva’s delight!) Three friends, who have known Eva for many years and keep in touch, also visited in the afternoon.

When asked about what her secret is to a long life, Eva said, 
“Just live for each day!”

A birthday display was also set up with photos of Eva participating in different activities with Madge. Everyone admires their friendship, showing that friendships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can happen even when not expected. 

Louise Schofield, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented:
“I wanted to make the day special for Eva and everyone made such a huge effort, bringing flowers cards and gifts. Her room is now decorated with all her cards for her to enjoy.” 
“It’s amazing seeing friendships blossom at Sandon House, we are all one big family and are welcoming to everyone, which is why many of our Residents make great friends at our home!”