Mother and daughter reunited at Dukinfield care homeFollowing the recent change in guidelines to allow a nominated visitor back into homes, HC-One’s Fir Trees care home, on Tameside, were delighted to open their doors once again, and it was very emotional for both Residents, their families and Colleagues. 

Resident Edith Woolhouse and her daughter, Gloria Keelagher have been having window visits when they can, however Edith longed to be able to see her daughter inside the home. When the both of them reunited this week, it was very emotional for all involved.

Edith's face lit up when she saw Gloria inside the home, see both ladies pictured. She said, “It is so lovely to be able to hold hands!”

Home Manager, Nicole Gunning, remarked, “This is a massive step towards having visits back in our homes, there is light at the end of the tunnel...finally!”