Mr Whippy visits Ashton ViewFor Residents at Ashton View residential memory care, nursing and nursing memory care home, in Wigan, they were surprised today with a visit from the local Mr Whippy ice-cream van. 

Everyone loved the visit and watched as they heard the van chime and couldn’t wait to get an ice-cream! Mr Whippy served each Resident with their special requests (and of course sticking to relevant dietary requirements).

Ann Marie and Stacey, from the wellbeing team, organised the visit which was a lovely experience for everyone in the home to come together from the different communities and choose their favourite sweet treat. 

Some had cones, some had tubs, some had sprinkles and others had sherbet. 

Colleagues dressed the reception area in balloons and ice-cream posters for the occasion and it was transformed into an ice-cream parlour. 

Mr Whippy parked right outside the front door so Residents didn’t have far to walk and did everything for free as he was just happy to be invited. Everyone was very moved by the kindness. 

Joyce, who lives at the home, was so happy and said, “I’ve been waiting for you and I can’t wait for my ice-cream!”

Patricia added, “This is just what I needed.”

Another Resident, Jimmy, commented, “What a lovely treat!”

As well as Matthew who was also pleased, “I’d love a comet with a flake!”

Stacey and Ann Marie were really happy that Mr Whippy came to the home because it was a lovely treat for all. 

They remarked, “Thank you so much, you are a credit to the community!”