Netherton Residents busy starting off springResidents at Ashgrove care home, in Dudley, have been very busy this week gardening, making flower arrangements and celebrating St David’s Day this week. 

On 1st March, it was St David’s Day, so Colleagues and Residents used the day to do all things Welsh. After a talk about St David’s life and how the leek became a national symbol, everyone reminisced about holidays in wales and their favourite singers and actors of Wales (Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey came up a number of times!)

One of the home’s Colleagues commented, “We all laughed trying to pronounce some welsh words. Pam, Alan and Clarrie, who all live at Ashgrove, especially enjoyed it!”

Later in the week Pam had a go at flower arranging and was fantastic at choosing where to put each flower in terms of size and colour. She was so pleased with her arrangement that she showed it to her partner, Alan, during a window visit. He remarked, “How lovely to see her smiling!”

Another Resident, Betty, is now going to have a go. 

It has all been about flowers and plants this week with gardening also being on the agenda. 

This morning, Residents enjoyed a morning of planting seeds to put in the garden ready for spring. Sheila, who lives at Ashgrove, said, “I can’t wait for the sunny days.”

Residents particularly enjoyed talking about their own gardens and experience of planting seeds. Lillian added, “I can’t wait to see my sunflowers grow and be beautiful.”