New indoor garden at Hertfordshire care homeToday at St Christophers in Hatfield, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, Residents completed an indoor garden project. 

Over the last 4 days, Residents at St Christophers have been helping to create an indoor garden. They helped in sanding, painting and cleaning the area before installing the garden. The conservatory was nominated as the best place that this could go, as it has a lot of natural light and a relaxing atmosphere for the Residents to enjoy.

Since this indoor garden has been installed many Residents have enjoyed the space and found it to be very relaxing. Residents can also listen to music as there is an amazon speaker in the conservatory, so they can choose the type of music they would like on. 

Some features of the indoor garden have created a lovely atmosphere in there, such as the water fountain, which gives off a relaxing ambiance to the area. Garden lights were placed and now hang from above which adds to the calming environment at night. 

Residents who took part commented afterwards, saying how much they loved creating something for everyone to enjoy. One Resident Chris said, “Its amazing what can be done with a bit of hard work and paint”. Another commented “It was a lovely way to spend the weekend, we painted all the garden furniture, and it looks fabulous”. 

Viji, the Unit Manager also commented “This is a wonder idea and a great way to use the space we have available”.