New visiting pod at Leicestershire care homeA brand new visiting pod has been built at HC-One’s Magna care home in Wigston so that Relatives can visit Residents of the home.

For many care home Residents, their only contact with family is through phone calls or video chat.

Now Residents are looking forward to having a face-to-face chat with their families in the new, warm pod when lockdown is eased.

One Resident said: “It looks lovely, very posh.

“We are excited that we will be able to see our families in comfort.”

The heated pod will be kitted out with new chairs, a coffee table and a lamp to create a comfortable space for families to get together.

The pod follows all coronavirus protocols and the home is working very closely with Public Health England to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Residents have followed the pod’s progress very closely, watching the builders work and seeing how it has come together.

Now they can’t wait until they can use it for the first time.