New Years Day party at Eastbourne House care homeResidents at Eastbourne House, residential and residential dementia care home in Whitley Bay, celebrate the first day of the year with a grand celebration.

The New Year’s Day party was such an amazing day for Colleagues and Residents alike. 

The day started with live music performances, and this was a perfect way to kick things off! The Residents at Eastbourne House absolutely adore music its get them all singing, dancing and tapping along. 

The next activity was getting the room ready and decorated for the night ahead. The Residents really enjoy decorating as it gives them control over their home. This only further grew the anticipation for the evenings party to start.

For dinner, Residents enjoyed a huge spread set up by the fantastic kitchen team. The food was great, and many Residents enjoyed their food with Relatives that visited alongside a glass of bubbly.

As the evening drew closer the lights were dimmed and the party kicked off with some great music which quickly lead to dancing and singing along. Many of the Residents enjoyed a little tipple with friends and Relatives. 

Then the party games began, and this provided great ice-breakers for the Residents as they were able to get to know all the other Residents living at Eastbourne House. 

The highlight from the event was the real party atmosphere between all of our Residents, Relatives and Colleagues. So many people attended, and everyone had a great time. Everyone involved had a great time together and it was the perfect way to enter 2023.

Debbie White, General Site Manager, remarked, “Our Residents really know how to party. They showed all the Colleagues up – as always.”