New Years Eve sing-along at Eastbourne House care homeResidents and Colleagues at Eastbourne House, residential and residential dementia care home in Whitley Bay, brought in the new year with a good old sing song.

Eastbourne House were very lucky to be able to invite Zelda Tinkers great granddaughter, Eilish to come in and everyone. She is a young lady who has a passion for singing and would like to make it her career one day.

Eilish has appeared in numerous stage performances including Bugsy Malone in which she took on a lead role as Tallulah and by the photos her mum showed the Colleagues and Residents, she has knocked her performances out of the park.

She was a huge hit and has a voice of an angel. Some of the Residents and Colleagues found it hard to hold back their tears.

It was fantastic to see four generations all together for the performance, which included Zelda, Zelda’s daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter.

The Residents had a lovely morning. One Resident, said, “It was such a wonderful morning come again soon Eilish.”

Another Resident, said, “Eilish has the voice of an angel, a true performer.”

Colleague, Rebecca Ridley, added, “Eilish, when you become famous don’t forget your friends here at Eastbourne House!”