Newcastle care home Residents receive handmade Christmas cards from some old friendsResidents at HC-One’s Kirkwood Court care home in Newcastle upon Tyne received some wonderful handmade Christmas cards from school children.

When the home first went into lockdown, Sarah Strawbridge, Kirkwood Court wellbeing coordinator, got in touch with her old school, Queen Margaret’s in York asking for some lovely supportive letters for the Residents to read. The pupils from Queen Margaret’s responded brilliantly and send many cards full of positive words which really cheered up the Residents.

So, for Christmas, Sarah wanted to do something similar and again asked pupils from Queen Margaret’s to send some lovely handmade Christmas cards which were individually addressed and personalised for each Resident.

When Residents at Kirkwood finally received their cards, they were so thrilled that these young girls were still thinking of them especially so close to Christmas. It really did brighten up the Resident’s day.

“I’m so touched they have taken the time to draw this and think of me, what an artist she is,” said Ruth Singer, a Resident at Kirkwood Court.

Sam Baxter, Kirkwood home administrator said: “It’s great the girls have managed to keep up this connection with our Residents over this time, they have really helped lift their spirits.”

The home look forward to strengthening their relationship with the girls at Queen Margaret’s School in York and can’t wait to hear from them again sometime in the not too distant future.