North Shields care home welcomes feathered friendsTwo new feathered Residents have joined the community at HC-One’s Redesdale Court care home in North Shields.

The team at Redesdale Court agreed that it would be lovely for Residents at the care home to have their very own pet, after many discussions it was decided that birds would be most suitable animal.

Residents were delighted to welcome two Kakariki birds to their home, these birds are very intelligent and can pick up sounds and even learn to say words. Everyone is enjoying the new feathered additions, with some Residents helping to look after the birds, cleaning out their cage and getting them fresh water.

One Resident commented: “I just love watching the birds, they are so beautiful and bring a smile to my face every day.”

Redesdale Court Home Manager, Daniel Ridley said: “Seeing how much joy the birds are bringing to our Residents is truly heart-warming.”

Located on Rake Lane, Redesdale Court care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen in North Shields that require residential care and residential memory care for those living with dementia.