Nottingham care home brings generations together to celebrate Global Intergenerational WeekNottingham care home brings generations together to celebrate Global Intergenerational Week

A Nottingham care home has encouraged people from across the generational divide to come together in celebration of Global Intergenerational Week.

HC-One’s Silverwood Care Home, in Beeston, Nottingham, opened its doors to all ages as it celebrated Global Intergenerational Week, which ran between April 24 and 30. The annual worldwide campaign encourages everyone to embrace intergenerational practice and relationships.

The week aims to highlight the positive outcomes that are achieved, when people of all ages come together to form vital and lasting connections - no matter how old you are.

Colleagues at Silverwood, as well as member of the public, were encouraged to bring their children and grandchildren to the care home to meet some of its elderly residents.

The care home highlighted the importance of sharing life stories between those young and old, which united the different generations together.

Those who attended the care home enjoyed games of bowling, horse racing and table tennis along with residents, and they were supplied with sweets and other treats from a specially set-up tuck shop.

The residents and children both enjoyed taking part in the games, and afterwards the residents spent time talking to the youngsters about their life stories growing up.

Jean Ward, resident at Silverwood Care Home, said:
“We loved having the children here. It was a lot of fun playing games with them and they were very well behaved. It was a really enjoyable afternoon.”

Jemma Mellard, Wellbeing Coordinator at Silverwood Care Home and who organised the event, stated:
“It was a lovely occasion for both the residents and their young visitors, as they spent time talking and having fun together.

“Lots of the children even said they really wanted to come back every weekend to do it again! It just shows how important it is to encourage people of all ages to get together and just chat and share their experiences and memories.”

Debra Meynell, Home Manager at Silverwood Care Home, commented:
“We were delighted to welcome so many young people into our care home, and the residents really loved it. It was a very special experience, and we look forward to taking part in Global Intergenerational Week again next year.”