Nottingham care home Resident takes to the skies once againBingham’s Fosse Way View Resident, Robbie Robson, a former second World War pilot has taken to the sky once again at the age of 97.
Robbie served in the 814 squadron as Lieutenant Robbie Robson, he joined as a pilot in 1943 with the Fleer Air Arm. During the second World War, he served from the HMS Venerable, flying Fairey Barracuda torpedo-bombers. He often told stories of his flying days to other Residents at Fosse Way View, and told Wellbeing Coordinator, Fiona Benning, he really wished to be able to go flying again.
As it would happen, Fiona’s husband, Gary Benning, and their daughter Eve both fly with the Buckminster GC regularly. Fiona made the arrangements for Robbie to attend the local gliding club and take flight in the Euro Fox with Dave Unwin, a pilot at the club. Robbie flew for 20 minutes, and Dave mentioned none of Robbie’s flying skills had been lost over the years, he said, “As soon as Robbie got into the cockpit, he automatically remembered what to do”.
This beautiful gesture by Fiona and her family was well timed as it was only two days before Armistice Day, and understandably Robbie mentioned how it brought back wonderful memories for him being up in the sky. Robbie’s daughter, Colette Greenwood went on to say, “I think today’s experience has made him feel young again, it took him back to when he was a young pilot and brought back all of those memories.
Clare Howarth, Resident Liaison at Fosse Way View commented, “This has been a wonderful experience for Robbie, it is great to see Robbie chatting about his experience with his fellow Residents and seeing his eyes light up when showing them the photographs”.