Nottinghamshire care home dress in yellow for St David’s DayResidents and Colleagues dressed up to look the part for St David’s Day yesterday at HC-One’s Stoneyford care home in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Kitchen Colleagues made a special menu featuring beef stew, leek and potato gratin and soup and Welsh rarebit. For dessert and small treats, Residents could enjoy honey cake and tea loaf.

Everyone enjoyed listening to music by Welsh artists as they crafted different emblems that represent the country. Home Administrator Leela even had a go at origami and made some paper daffodils and even attempted a dragon.

They discussed all things Welsh and learned a little bit more about St David. Everyone enjoyed the day and it got spring off to a great start.

Stoneyford Home Administrator, Leela Stapleton, said: “It’s lovely to embrace different cultures in a fun and enjoyable way. We’re looking forward to St Patrick’s and St George’s Day now!”