Nurse at HC-One’s Richmond House care home publishes first bookA Nurse at HC-One’s Richmond House care home, in Leigh, Lancashire, has published her first novel, and fellow colleagues and residents could not be prouder of the achievement.
Registered Nurse, Patricia ‘Trish’ Farrington, has worked at Richmond House nursing care home since 2020 and has proudly written and had her first novel published on Amazon.
Trish lives in the small village of Astley and loves to write novels in her spare time. Only this year, her daughter persuaded her to publish the latest book ‘The exquisiteness of death’ on Amazon, which has already received some fantastic feedback.
Patricia has written many novels, away from being a nurse and caring for her family but has never completed one fully until now.
The book is about twenty-three-year-old Emily England, born with a full recollection of her previous life as Dorothy Hatt. More importantly, a full set of memories of her life in heaven. When Dorothy reincarnates as Emily, her plan is to tell the world of the joys of the afterlife and the truth about the meaning of life. Yet, for Emily, a young girl with her head congested with celestial knowledge, the difficulty she faces, is that no one will listen to her.
Trish has worked at Richmond House as a regular bank nurse on the intermediate care community and says that she loves it and plans to stay for much longer.
When asked about how she came to write the book, Trish commented:
“As a nurse, I’ve seen many deaths and have always held an unwavering belief that there is a life after death. Yet when my mother passed away, that reassuring belief suddenly abandoned me completely, and I was consumed with grief that I would never see her again.
In an attempt to start believing again, I read everything I could about near-death experiences in a bid to start believing that I would, one day, see my lovely mum again.
As I read their stories and listened to their podcasts, I began to formulate the idea for my novel.
It took me three months to write. I usually write at a much slower pace, but when I think back on it now, it was part of my healing process.”
Lorraine Scholey, Home Manager at Richmond House, remarked:
“Trish’s colleagues at Richmond House and myself are extremely proud of her achievement and hope she writes a lot more novels for everyone to enjoy reading.”
“Our residents have congratulated Trish and many plan on reading the book too.”