Nutrition and Hydration Week Celebrating diversity through food and dining at HC-One
This Nutrition and Hydration Week, HC-One is proud to shine a spotlight on how we ensure every resident enjoys a delicious, nutritious, and varied diet – whatever their dietary needs may be.

We all know food is central to a happy and healthy life, but we also understand that residents come from all walks of life, with unique cultural and dietary requirements. Whether that means following a vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free diet, or needing texture-modified meals, it's crucial for us to accommodate these differences while maintaining the highest standards of nutrition and flavour.

Our caring with kindness approach means caring about each person as an individual, and that applies to mealtimes at HC-One too. We understand the importance of residents getting the nutrition they need through delicious food, while ensuring that their mealtimes add joy and fulfilment to support them in living their best possible life every day.

Catering to every preference

At HC-One, we take a resident-centred approach to mealtimes. We encourage our Chefs to engage with residents and understand their likes and dislikes – which many of our homes then use to shape their menus.

For residents who don’t eat meat, we go beyond simply offering a vegetarian option – we explore the vibrant world of plant-based cuisine, ensuring flavour and variety. Our recent Vegan & Vegetarian Development Day was a brilliant example of this commitment.

Chefs from across HC-One homes came together to learn from industry experts like Alex Connell from Vegetarian for Life. Alex showcased 10 mouthwatering vegetarian and vegan recipes, demonstrating that plant-based food can be exciting, flavourful, and incredibly satisfying.

Texture-modification: Giving you like-for-like

Delicious food isn't just about taste. For residents who require texture-modified meals, it’s even more important that we ensure they receive the vital nutrients they need while maintaining the enjoyment of food.

We use the world-renowned IDDSI framework to ensure consistency and safety, while our specialist equipment allows Chefs to expertly modify dishes to retain their original look and feel as much as possible. This means a resident on a soft diet can still enjoy a hearty shepherd's pie that looks and tastes delicious, without compromising the necessary texture modification.

Empowering chefs, celebrating variety and delighting residents

By equipping our Chefs with the skills and confidence to create a wider variety of dishes, we can continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing dietary needs and preferences of our residents.

The future of food at HC-One is all about inclusivity and exploration. We're excited to see our Chefs bring these new recipes and techniques back to their homes, offering residents a wider variety of healthy and delicious options.

Follow us on this delicious journey

HC-One remains committed to providing exceptional food and drink experiences for all our residents, every day.

Nutrition and Hydration Week serves as a reminder of the vital role that food and drink play in maintaining health and well-being. At HC-One, we are committed to providing nutritious, delicious meals that cater to the diverse dietary needs of our residents.

We strive to enhance the dining experience, promote healthier lifestyles, and empower Chefs to create culinary delights that residents truly enjoy and look forward to every day.

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