Old pastimes revisited at Hyde care homeOne Resident at Hyde nursing and nursing memory care home was more than happy to visit an old past time this February. 

Audrey (pictured), who has been at the home for six years, enjoyed a Zoom video call with her sister recently, and expressed that she'd like to write a letter to her, as she lives quite far away in Cawthorne and hasn't been able to visit. 

On 8th February, Wellbeing Coordinator Adam received a letter from Audrey's sister with a pre-paid return card inside which was given to Audrey to write. 

In the card Audrey wrote back, she was reminiscing on being a teacher and how much she loved to write. She has then given her card back to Adam, who cannot wait to post the letter on his way home!

Healthcare Assistant Amy commented, “It was nice to see how happy Audrey was!”