Oldham Residents battle it out for ring toss championAt Avalon Park residential and residential memory care home, in Oldham, this week two Residents were battling out to be the ring toss ‘Home champion’ which was filmed for all to watch back and have a laugh!

Bernadette and Elizabeth competed for the small trophy which was presented to the eventual winner. But the home will not disclose who that was!

All involved had a fantastic time and part of the activity involved making a teaser movie trailer and there was lots of laughter, fun and a spirit of competition.

One Colleague commented, “The outtakes were so funny, we may even make another with just them clips!”

The Residents watched their premier with glee and they were pleasantly surprised with the final product.

Elizabeth, who lives at Avalon park. said, “Thank you, I have had so much fun!”

Claire Munro, Care Home Manager, commented, “At Avalon Park we strive to deliver the best activities with enjoyment and fulfilment. Movie making is great for the mindset for Residents.”