One Resident at Needham Court care home jazzes up her walking frameOne Resident, at Needham Court, residential and residential dementia care home in Jarrow, wanted to decorate her walking frame to make it feel more summery. 

Audrey, asked Wellbeing Coordinator, Lesley if she was able to differentiate her walking frame from everyone else so she can spot hers when everyone has theirs together in the dining room.

Lesley, suggested that Audrey decorate her walking frame with items that were personal to her likes. 
There was lots of different decorations for Audrey to choose from, but she decided that flowers would look best.

Audrey was overwhelmed with the outcome and wanted to show all her fellow Residents. She said, “Thank you Lesley for helping me to do, I feel more confident now. It is fantastic as I now know which frame is mine.”

Joann Mills, Care Home Manager, added, “Audrey was so proud of her frame and now she can spot her frame straight away.”