Painting and colouring to create a splash of colour at NewlandsPeople at Stockport residential and nursing care home, Newlands, have been getting their creativity skills out with painting trinket boxes and colouring in some wall art. 

All week, Residents have been colouring bees, birds, frogs, flowers and trees to make a wall art on the home’s Oak Unit, and on Saturday, is was time for them to be put on the wall. 

Mo, Marg, Vera, Geoff, Pauline, Val, Olive, Kath and Cath, who all live at Newlands, loved seeing the finished result! When they were put up and everyone could see how beautiful it looks.

Val joked about the choice of colours, “No one has ever seen a bird this colour - if you do, I will give you £1000!”

Wellbeing Coordinator, Rachel, commented, “Everyone loved it! It brightened up the hall, definitely!”

Today some Residents painted trinket boxes and will decorate them tomorrow. 

Rachel added, “We are hoping to sell them at our fun day - when circumstances allow it.”