Pancake Day and garden centre trip for Dukinfield care home ResidentsThroughout the first week of March on Tameside at The Beeches care home, which offers residential care, everyone has been busy with Pancake Day and some Residents even went on a trip to the garden centre.

On 1st March, Colleagues and Residents celebrated Pancake Day by indulging in some delicious pancakes with various toppings including lemon, sugar, syrup and chocolate spread.  

As they were enjoying the pancakes, the group chatted about the flavours and how they used to make pancakes when they were younger, as well as the meaning of Shrove Tuesday.  

Gladys, who is a Resident at the home, commented, “The pancakes are lovely, very sweet.”

Fellow Resident Christine added, “Pancakes are my favourite I always enjoyed making them. I have had three this morning, all with lemon that’s how they should be.”

With the day also being St David’s day, they spoke about Wales and the daffodils, being the flower of Wales.  Residents listened to music by Welsh singers including Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey.   

Sade, Wellbeing Coordinator, remarked, “Pancake Day is one of my favourite days. Everyone enjoys trying the pancakes and there are always plenty of discussions.”

The following day at The Beeches, some of the Residents enjoyed a trip out to the local garden centre. 

Sade and Colleague Julie accompanied Residents Lavinia and Ivy to the local garden centre for a coffee and a look around.

The outing was a treat for both ladies, especially as Ivy is celebrating her birthday on the 3rd of March. 

While at the garden centre, Lavinia told Sade about how this is where her and her husband used to come for little trips out, so this brought back fond memories. 

All enjoyed looking at the animals and the gifts, Ivy found a chocolate bar with her name on which she found funny. 

On the way home Lavinia had mentioned that she used to live where they drove past. So, driver Chris, took a detour of her old street on the way home so she could see how it had changed over the years. Lavinia appreciated this and said it made her day. 

Ivy said, “I had a lovely time, thank you for bringing me out today.” 

Lavinia added. “I have had such a good day loads of places I knew. it was lovely thank you.”

Sade said, “I enjoyed bringing the ladies out today especially how it was so memorable for Lavinia, and I didn’t know this! It was nice seeing both ladies so happy just to be out and enjoying themselves. “